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Shalimar would be the scent I seek to love mainly because I love excellent perfume (and In most cases, love Guerlain perfumes), but am in its place intimidated by. Probably my ambivalence towards the scent is often traced to The truth that I never commonly take care of significant, whopping vanilla scents.

Amazing distinction between smelling it on paper or skin, and also, on me it smells the best when it hits its 3rd hour of use.

Anyway, the opening continues to be Virtually unbearable to me, so sharp citrus cedar that it tells my nose to maneuver again, but just after similar to a half an hour or so it changes to something like outdated Wooden, leather-based and spices, anything continue to sharp but I want to discover my wrist for It is really intriguing!

Therefore I assistance Everybody to check it on your skin right before obtaining it, even if you love Shalimar on Other people.

From the 90’s I obtained Shalimar from Macy’s.... it had been my grandmother’s signature scent.... right after inheriting hr dressing desk the fragrance was embedded in the drawer.

Very intriguing and a complete unique elegance of a fragrance. Undoubtedly not uninteresting, but not loud and obnoxious. And definitely not operate with the mill regular. A classy basic which will outlast all the fruitcholis. Ahh Shalimar, may possibly you be all around until the end of your time.

I like the way SHALIMAR smells so historic, inasmuch as it's made up of essences that date to Biblical times.

I are carrying Shalimar Because the 1980's and I Totally love it! It really is arms down my husbands most loved fragrance in my collection. A good looking, basic fragrance which includes stood the exam of time.

I adore Shalimar. Sure, it is strong, so besides utilizing it circumspectly, I assume one must be a powerful lady who is bound of herself to dress in it. No perfume is for everyone and In a natural way some self-assured Ladies will not wish to dress in Shalimar.

Shalimar EDP nonetheless is like skinny-sipping in vanilla product and towelling oneself off with silky ecru cashmere. Superb!

I had been catching whiffs of great gentle flowery/citrus scent each day, prior to I noticed it absolutely was my perfume)) When utilized Shalimar in the morning, the Preliminary opening gave the impression to be herbal, then it reworked into combination of citruses and straight from the source anything like vintage soap scent.

It really is an incredibly feminine velvety rose/vanilla to me like a much more complex Tocade. I nevertheless find my 'Femme' Considerably sexier but will re-evaluation when my EDP arrives!

Shalimar reveals me anything that is certainly hiding With this glamorous bottle: a little bit bitter bergamot tea, dazzling and distinct citruses notes, cold like a frozen glass, then the sharp juice is getting softer with buttery and creamy vanilla, tender leather & sweet tobacco with its intoxicating smoke, that little by little changes into smouldering incense, which can be hiding warm jasmine and sweetly resinous opoponax.

Unofrtunately...I sprayed it on my hand and instantly this rancid indescribable bad odor hits my nose, I nevertheless detect the tasty vanilla hidden there somewhere, but regrettably this ickiness dominates more than the lovely vanilla...

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